Lep's still got it -- Mucho moolah for mono Fab Four -- Cool cult hero tribute...

Portrait Of Def Leppard
Def Leppard line-up, Jan. 1985. (Mercury Records/Hulton Archive/Courtesy of Getty Images)

4/18/1992 (26 years ago today) - "Let's Get Rocked!" indeed: It was Def Leppard's first album following the death of original-founding-member/guitarist Steve Clark in 1991 -- The band's fifth studio release, "Adrenalize", goes to No. 1 on this date, the first of five weeks in a row at the top spot -- Interesting side-note: the album that the Leppers knocked out of the No. 1 spot was "Nevermind" by Nirvana (which had earlier dethroned Michael Jackson's "Dangerous" from No. 1)!

4/18/2012 (6 years ago today) - An extremely rare, original 1963 mono copy of The Beatles' "Please, Please Me" album, signed by John, Paul, George and Ringo, sells on an eBay auction for $25,000!!! The autographs were signed back in 1963, with John and Paul adding the word "love" to their signatures. We honestly believe that mono vinyl absolutely rules, by the way, and Ringo was a basher-supreme:

4/18/1944 - Born on this date, singer-songwriter Alexander Lee "Skip" Spence, who started his career as a guitarist in the earliest configuration of Quicksilver Messenger Service, and then went on to play drums for Jefferson Airplane on their debut LP "Takes Off" before co-founding one of the most legendary San Francisco bands ever, the fantastic and much loved Moby Grape -- Skip wrote the classic "Omaha" for the Grape's first album, which Rolling Stone listed as one of The 100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All-Time -- His 1969 solo release, "Oar" (on which he wrote and sang and played everything by himself!), is widely regarded as one of the landmark recordings of the psychedelic era. He died of lung cancer two days before his 53rd birthday; a tribute album for Skip titled "More Oar" featured his songs covered by artists who really loved his work, including Robert Plant, Beck and Tom Waits. A true cult hero well worth looking up...

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