Today you got another opinion on The Stones' fashion sense, a "wish-we-could-have-been-there-had-we-known" concert, and a birthday for (probably) the most underrated singer in rock...

The Rolling Stones
OK, a little worse for wear; The Scary Haircuts, 1964. (Central Press/Getty Images)

4/22/1964 (56 years ago today) - Great Britain's elders sure wanted to put up a good fight, but there was nothing they could do...: The U.K. President of The National Federation of Hairdressers begins a campaign offering free haircuts to the next group to hit Number One of the English charts. His sales pitch? How about this quote: "The Rolling Stones are the worst. One of them looks like he's got a feather duster on his head." Looking at that picture, we're thinking Bill Wyman, maybe?

4/22/1966 (54 years ago today) - A "Battle Of The Bands" is held at New Jersey's Matawan Keyport Roller Drome -- 24 bands get to play three songs each, with the Top Three finalists getting the opportunity to perform at the venue opening for The Crystals the following week! First place went to The Rogues; coming in second was Sonny & The Starfires; and squeezing into the third place spot, another neighborhood band called The Castiles, whose lead singer/guitarist was a kid named Bruce Springsteen.

4/22/1951 - To get this guy's best stuff, you have to buy a lot of different records by a lot of different bands: Happy Birthday to the supremely talented singer-songwriter-keyboardist Paul Carrack, 69 years old today -- You might not know him by name, but you surely do recognize his voice: that's Paul singing lead on "How Long" by Ace, "Tempted" by Squeeze, "The Living Years" by Mike + The really is a very long list  -- He's also done some exceptional solo stuff ("Don't Shed A Tear", "One Good Reason" and more), as well as playing the keys with Roxy Music, Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, B.B. King, Ringo Starr, The Pretenders, Elton John, Nick Lowe and The Smiths. Ought to get lots more props for what he brings to the table...

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