Three more reasons The Sixties were really where it was at...

Cover photo for James Taylor's debut album for Apple, December 1968. (Courtesy of Apple Records)
Cover photo for James Taylor's debut album for Apple, December 1968. (Courtesy of Apple Records)

4/24/1961 (58 years ago today) - Bob Dylan appeared on singer Harry Belafonte's album "The Midnight Special", playing harmonica on the title track. It was his first ever recording in a studio, and Bob was paid $50 for the session. Hey, if you gotta start somewhere, it might as well be on what's really a mighty cool album actually...

4/24/1965 (54 years ago today) - The British Invasion just keeps rolling along...: Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders {great name!} went to No. 1 with the catchy classic single "Game Of Love" (a No. 2 hit in the U.K.). Three very cool factoids here: Wayne released the record on his own label, making him one of the very first artists to do so; he also took his name from Elvis Presley drummer DJ Fontana; and Mindbenders guitarist Eric Stewart went on to form art-rock masterminds 10cc!

4/24/1968 (51 years ago today) - No milk today: The Beatles new company, Apple Records, turned down the offer to sign an up-and-coming performer by the name of David Bowie -- Several notable artists that were signed in Apple's first year include James Taylor, Billy Preston, The Iveys (soon to be re-named Badfinger), and The Modern Jazz Quartet -- If you can cough up the dough, we highly recommend you seek out and find "Come And Get It: The Best Of Apple Records", a magnificent (no kidding!) treasure trove of all types of Beatles-related sonic-wonderfulness, featuring some unbelievably-underrated-yet-highly-talented artists you've long forgotten about, like:

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