Three more reasons The Sixties were really where it was at...

Cover photo for James Taylor's debut album for Apple, December 1968. (Courtesy of Apple Records)

4/24/1961 (58 years ago today) - Bob Dylan appeared on singer Harry Belafonte's album "The Midnight Special", playing harmonica on the title track. It was his first ever recording in a studio, and Bob was paid $50 for the session. Hey, if you gotta start somewhere, it might as well be on what's really a mighty cool album actually...

4/24/1965 (54 years ago today) - The British Invasion just keeps rolling along...: Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders {great name!} went to No. 1 with the catchy classic single "Game Of Love" (a No. 2 hit in the U.K.). Three very cool factoids here: Wayne released the record on his own label, making him one of the very first artists to do so; he also took his name from Elvis Presley drummer DJ Fontana; and Mindbenders guitarist Eric Stewart went on to form art-rock masterminds 10cc!

4/24/1968 (51 years ago today) - No milk today: The Beatles new company, Apple Records, turned down the offer to sign an up-and-coming performer by the name of David Bowie -- Several notable artists that were signed in Apple's first year include James Taylor, Billy Preston, The Iveys (soon to be re-named Badfinger), and The Modern Jazz Quartet -- If you can cough up the dough, we highly recommend you seek out and find "Come And Get It: The Best Of Apple Records", a magnificent (no kidding!) treasure trove of all types of Beatles-related sonic-wonderfulness, featuring some unbelievably-underrated-yet-highly-talented artists you've long forgotten about, like:

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