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Give Us A Kiss
(May 1976; Photo: Peter Cade/Central Press/Getty Images)

4/27/1966 (54 years ago today) - At Abbey Road Studios in London, The Beatles record a new John Lennon song, "I'm Only Sleeping", featuring a then-new-and-unique sound: a George Harrison guitar duet played in reverse!!! Quite psychedelic, kids, and quite stupidly left off of the American version of the "Revolver" album. As it has always been, Capitol Records finds a way to do injustice to the greatest catalog of music in the history of mankind. You wonder why people hate corporations, do you? Really?

4/27/1974 (46 years ago today) - A free afternoon concert was held in the parking lot of the University of Connecticut Ice Hockey Arena; four acts performed: Fat Back, Fairport Convention, Bruce Springsteen and Aerosmith and you didn't have to cough up a dime! Bruce plays a full show later in the evening at the University of Hartford in Connecticut...

4/27/1951 - Happy Birthday to the "Spaceman" of the original and (no doubt about it) best line-up of Kiss, Paul Daniel "Ace" Frehley, 69 years old today. Guitar World magazine ranked him at No. 14 on their list of the Greatest Metal Guitarists Of All Time. You gotta love Ace's specially made Gibsons, especially the one that shoots out smoke from the guitar neck pickup and the customized Les Paul which emits light based on song tempo. The word "whimsical" comes to mind...

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