Vintage, man... -- Maybe not Bowie's best moment... -- Way to go, Ringo!!!

Pink Floyd "Ummagumma" album cover, Oct. 1969. (Courtesy of Harvest/EMI/Capitol Records)
Pink Floyd "Ummagumma" album cover, Oct. 1969. (Courtesy of Harvest/EMI/Capitol Records)

4/27/1969 (48 years ago today) - Pink Floyd hit the stage at The Mother's Club in Erdington, Birmingham, England; the plan was to have recordings from the show be featured in their next LP "Ummagumma". The Mother's Club was located above an old furniture store(!), and during the late '60's/early '70's, over 400 bands played there: The Who actually performed one of their first full-concert versions of "Tommy" at Mother's, which also boasted early-in-their-career sets by {and this is a short, short list} the likes of Black Sabbath, Traffic, Fleetwood Mac, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, Elton John, King Crimson, and Led Zeppelin...we say, wicked cool!!!

4/27/1976 (41 years ago today) - Customs officials on a train at the Russian/Polish border detained David Bowie after discovering a substantially-sized collection of Nazi mementoes and books in his luggage. The Thin White Duke explained that the material was for research purposes on a film project about Nazi propaganda leader Joseph Paul Goebbels, but these customs officers took this stuff...quite seriously, as in 'what the f----k are doing with this s----t?'. Awkward for sure...

4/2727/1981 (36 years ago today) - She was Bond girl Anya Amasova in "The Spy Who Loved Me"; he replaced Pete Best as drummer for The Beatles: Ringo married Barbara Bach on this date while filming the movie "Caveman" (also starring Dennis Quaid and Shelley Long), and the couple have been together ever since!!! High five's all around, if you please...

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