A coupla '70's Number One's you can't do without, and R.I.P. Buddy!

Back cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" (Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records)

4/2/1971 (48 years ago today) - Janis Joplin goes to No. 1 with the posthumously released "Pearl" LP -- It will remain in the top spot for nine weeks in a row, racking up sales of over 4 million -- Did you know: Janis played acoustic guitar on "Me And Bobby McGee", which also went to the No. 1 spot -- Test your memory: "Pearl" was also released simultaneously in a 4-channel Quadraphonic format. If you know what that is...

4/2/1977 (42 years ago today) - Fleetwood Mac hits No. 1 on the album chart with "Rumours" -- At the height of its success, they were moving 800,000 copies a week; current stats have 'em at over 46 million sold and it still gets played on the radio all over the world every single friggin' day, so what's left to say? The guitarist is pretty damn good, yeah, but we think those three-part harmonies are the secret weapon...

4/2/1987 (32 years ago today) - One of the greatest drummers of all-time, jazz legend Buddy Rich, passed away on this date at age 69 due to complications from a brain tumour -- He had great technique, power and speed and was widely admired by his peers -- True storie(s): Buddy's talent for rhythm was first noticed by his father who observed his son's ability to keep a steady beat with spoons at the age of one(!) -- At 8 years old, he was playing drums in vaudeville, billed as "Baby Traps The Drum Wonder"; by 11, he was already leading his own band -- In addition to a catalog of over 50 albums that he made between 1955 and '85, Buddy was also the sticks-man on classic recordings by Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Louie Armstrong, Tommy Dorsey, Dizzy Gillespie, Harry James, Count Basie and Oscar Peterson. Wicked talent.

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