More proof Elvis was King... -- Classic rockers vs. The Law!

The Doors
The Doors arrive in London, Sept. 1968. (Central Press/Getty Images)

4/3/1956 (62 years ago today) - Tonight's broadcast of ABC-TV's "The Milton Berle Show" is live from the flight deck of the USS Hancock in San Diego and there's much feverish anticipation in the air: none other than current-super-nova-hot phenom Elvis Presley is the special guest -- Elvis performs three songs, "Heartbreak Hotel", "Shake, Rattle And Roll""Blue Suede Shoes" and, natch, teenage girls all over the U.S. go absolutely ballistic -- The stats are jaw-dropping: it is estimated that one out of every four Americans saw the show!!! Beyond amazing if you pause to think about it...

4/3/1969 (49 years ago today) - He knows what's coming, what else could he do?: In Los Angeles, The Doors' Jim Morrison turns himself in to the local F.B.I., the unavoidable follow-up to the Miami concert brouhaha where he was nailed on six charges of "lewd behavior and public exposure" the month before -- Hours later, Jim is released on $2,000 bail; whether or not the incident ever really did happen remains unclear, its status now is one of those classic rock adventures where the truth lay somewhere between urban legend and "The Twilight Zone". Jim never really recovers, and in two years he will be found dead in Paris...

4/3/1975 (43 years ago today) - "Gangster Of Love" indeed: Steve Miller is charged with setting fire to the clothes of female companion Benita Diorio -- When the cops arrive at "The Joker's" house, she is actually putting out the flames! Steve gets into a fight with one of the officers and 'resisting arrest' is added to the list of charges. Of course.

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