Today: Why we love science! Then, we wish-wish-wish (big time) that we coulda been at that club! And finally, the magic of Chocolate Salty Balls...

Isaac Hayes
Isaac Hayes, c 1970. (Hulton Archive/Getty images)

8/20/1968 (51 years ago today) - From the "Where's Professor Proton when you need him?" files: The University of Tennessee audio lab director, Dr. David M. Linscomb, eleases a "startling" report -- After three months, a guinea pig that was subjected to 88 hours of rock music recorded at a Knoxville club at 120 decibels, is found to have suffered "acute damage to the inner ears". New York club owner Steve Paul replies "Should a major increase in guinea pig attendance occur at our club, we'll certainly bear their comfort in mind".

8/20/1973 (46 years ago today) - From the "We're still itchin' for a time machine..." files: Bruce Springsteen kicks off a seven night run at a place called Oliver's in Boston, Mass., playing a couple of hour long sets each night -- Two (short) years from now, he'll release the "Born To Run" album. Tell me about it...

8/20/1942 - Born on this date, the fantastic/irreplaceable Isaac Hayes! You got your "Theme From 'Shaft'", you got him as "The Duke" in John Carpenter's "Escape From New York" (1996), and as Chef on "South Park -- For cryin' out loud, he co-wrote "Soul Man" and helped establish the Stax record label in Memphis as an in-house songwriter/producer/performer! What's not to love? R.I.P., the Hot Buttered Soul Brother passed away at home, August 10th, 2008, age 65.

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