Dylan gigs, Beatles in studio, a Velvet birthday...

Cover of The V.U. third LP, March 1969. (Courtesy of MGM Records)
Cover of The V.U. third LP, March 1969. (Courtesy of MGM Records)

8/28/1965 (52 years ago today) - What a backing group he had: Bob Dylan played the first night of a 40 city tour at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, N.Y.C. -- Opening set is solo/acoustic; second set's electric-with-full-band consisting of Robbie Robertson - guitar, Levon Helm - drums, Harvey Brooks - bass, and Al Kooper - keyboards; tickets cost $4.50! Bob's most recent album at this point was the unbelievable "Bringing It All Back Home" which came out in March, so...'nuff said.

8/28/1968 (49 years ago today) - Why you wanna be a fly on the wall: At London's ultra-modern/ultra-cool Trident Studios, The Beatles began working on a new John Lennon song titled "Dear Prudence" -- Utilizing the then-new/state-of-the-art 8-track recording equipment, the boys built the song slowly, layer by layer: John and George played guitars while Paul played drums to compensate for Ringo who had notoriously walked out on the band just one week earlier...

8/28/1942 - Born on this date, founding member of The Velvet Underground, guitarist Sterling Morrison -- The V.U. were so far ahead of their time that we're still catching up; if you haven't listened to them lately, go back and do so like right now, they were amazing! Sterling was only 53 years old when he died of cancer on August 30, 1995.

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