California Boys just gettin' started... -- The 16th album's the charm, apparently... -- Genuine American Music Icon birthday, gotta give it up for...

The Beach Boys
The Beach Boys, Nov. 1964. (Fox Photos/Getty Images)

8/3/1963 (55 years ago today) - It was the first song Brian Wilson wrote on his own, and the recording of it was the first disc on which he was the producer on as well: The Beach Boys released the classic single "Surfer Girl" and from this day forward, regardless of what style of singer you were, the way in which group harmony vocals are arranged is changed forevermore!

8/3/1973 (45 years ago today) - ...and he played just about every single instrument for six of the LP's nine tracks: On this date, Stevie Wonder releases his first top-to-bottom-can't-deny-it's-a-masterpiece studio album, the absolutely riveting and fantastically influential "Innervisions" -- Alongside the too-funky-to-be-true classic single "Higher Ground", the album encompassed a wide range of themes and issues, from drug abuse ("Too High"), inequality and systemic racism ("Living For The City"), the challenges of love (ballads "Golden Lady" and "All In Love Is Fair", the latter of which was sublimely covered by Barbara Streisand), and a scathing attack on the American political system ("He's Misstra Know-It-All"). All in all, an exceptionally wonderful, enriching and intriguing must-have for any record collection...

8/3/1926 - Happy Birthday to Anthony Dominick Benedetto: The one and only, truly incomparable Tony Bennett turns 92 years old today -- It's a fact: Frank Sinatra's favorite singer has sold over 50 million records worldwide(!) How can you not love this guy?

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