The Doors finale...Expensive Fab Four rarity...DC5 birthday...

(Courtesy of Elektra Records)

12/12/1970 (48 years ago today) - Though not a surprise, still a little weird when you realize that nobody knew it at the time: Just four days after he turned 27, The Doors played what would be their last ever live show with Jim Morrison at The Warehouse in New Orleans...

12/12/1998 (20 years ago today) - A small piece of plastic makes history on this date: It's title? "In Spite Of All The Danger". What is it? A seven inch single by The Quarry Men featuring John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison, and it's now considered to be one of the rarest records of all time -- Only 50 copies were pressed, and currently they're estimated to be worth $20,500 each! Check your attics!!!

12/12/1943 - He was, hands-down, one of The Top Five Lead Singers of The Mid-Sixties British Invasion: Born on this date, singer-songwriter-keyboardist Mike Smith, the primary front-man-vocalist for the tragically underrated Dave Clark Five -- The band's classic singles were indelibly marked by Mike's husky soulful phrasing, and there are (easily) 20 to 30 non-hit album cuts that showcased his ability to sing anything, from Country & Western ("Satisfied With You") to big-band jazz-blues (their version of "Blueberry Hill" might be the best one), and he could scream and moan (in tune) just as good as McCartney or Ray Charles (the quasi-instrumental "All Night Long" will easily demolish a few of your brain cells!). Sadly, Mike passed away at age 64 from complications after a fall at his home before he could enjoy the band's long overdue induction into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. One of the great voices, absolutely!!!

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