Graveyard inspiration! -- This artist was sued by his own label! -- A legendary drummer's birthday!

Cover photo of Neil Young's "Everybody's Rockin'" LP, August 1983. (Courtesy of Geffen Records)
Cover photo of Neil Young's "Everybody's Rockin'" LP, August 1983. (Courtesy of Geffen Records)

12/1/1958 (59 years ago today) - Hard to get this one outta yer head once ya start singin' along: The Teddy Bears are at No. 1 on the singles chart with the catch-catch-catchy classic "To Know Him Is To Love Him", a definitive piece of '50's nostalgia for sure, but...Weird fact: the title of the this Phil Spector song came from the words on his father's tombstone! Makes singing along a little more uncomfortable now, doesn't it?

12/1/1983 (34 years ago today) - Apparently, Big Boss Man didn't like what he was hearing, so...: Neil Young was sued by his label, Geffen Records, because his new releases for the company "were not commercial in nature and musically uncharacteristic of his previous albums". In other words, they weren't money-makers. Neil's latest release for these jerks (his 13th studio LP) was a selection of rockabilly songs (both covers and originals) titled "Everybody's Rockin'", credited to Neil & The Shocking Pinks, and it was, indeed, the shortest album of his career: ten songs clocking in at a total of just under 25 minutes. Brilliant! Actually, this is in our Top 5 Best Neil Young Albums Ever. No foolin', it's seriously great stuff. How can you not love this:

12/1/1944 - Happy Birthday to John Densmore, drummer for The Doors, 73 years old today. Back in April of 2013, John spent three hours live-on-the-air with The Guru and I on the {quite sadly missed} "Psychedelic Breakfast" show, and he couldn't have been any more cordial, funny and intelligent and very, well, California-dude-like, man, with some of the best behind-the-scenes-with-Jim-Morrison-stories you've ever heard. John's The Real Deal, kids, after all, he...was...there!

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