A Beatle gig we should have been at... -- Real hokey crap-ola takes over the top spot... -- Brit triple-threat's having a birthday...

Beatles Perform In Liverpool
L-R: George, John, Paul and...Pete(!), 1962. (Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

12/20/1958 (61 years ago today) - John Lennon, George Harrison and Paul McCartney perform as The Quarry Men at the wedding reception of George's older brother, Harry, at the Harrison family home, 25 Upton Green in Liverpool. "Ya putcha left hand in, ya putcha left hand out...", we'd have loved to seen this one. Where's that time machine we ordered?

12/20/1969 (50 years ago today) - The original song title was even worse:  it was first called "Oh Babe, I Hate To See You Go" {ugh!}  and yes, we're referring to John Denver's symbolic-my-ass/imitation-classic "Leaving On A Jet Plane" which, on this date, becomes the No. 1 single in the U.S. courtesy of the occasionally cringe-worthy trillings of Peter, Paul & Mary. Good ol' folk hero Peter Yarrow, by the way, was a convicted sex offender who admitted molesting a 14 year old girl in 1970 at a Washington, D.C. hotel, when he was 32.

12/20/1948 - Before he wrote and performed a string of successful (and influential) prog-rock endeavors as The Alan Parsons Project, this British studio engineer, musician, and record producer was involved with the making of two of the greatest pieces of rock history ever, "Abbey Road" by The Beatles and "Dark Side Of The Moon" by Pink Floyd -- Nice resume there, and Happy Birthday to Alan Parsons, 71 years old today...

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