Paul McCartney as arsonist??? -- A Hendrix guitar sells for how much again??? -- Saluting a songwriter who's been covered by everyone from Waylon Jennings to Phish and hundreds more in between...

(Courtesy of Bellophon Records)
(Courtesy of Bellophon Records)

12/5/1960 (59 years ago today) - We've heard of bored rock stars tossing TV's out of hotel windows, but we're not entirely sure about this: Paul McCartney and then-Beatle-drummer Pete Best were told to leave Germany after the pair were arrested for pinning a condom to a brick wall and setting it on fire -- The incident resulted in the band being sent home to Liverpool, more discouraged than disgraced but still ready to start...something, they just didn't know what. Yet.

12/5/2006 (13 years ago today) - Paul McCartney's handwritten lyrics to The Beatles' "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" sold for a whopping $192,000 at a Christie's auction on this date in New York City -- Other similarly out-of-reach prices for the day include a guitar owned by Jimi Hendrix that went for $168,000; a notebook containing lyrics written by reggae legend Bob Marley that fetched $72,000; and an untitled Jim Morrison poem that went for $49,000! One man's ceiling is another man's floor, etc....Anyhoo, as good a reason as any to post a classic live one from Bob:

12/5/1938 - Born on this date, singer-songwriter-underrated-guitarist and genuine cult hero J.J. Cale and yeah, on any given day, you'll still hear his compositions on radios all over the world: "Cocaine" and "After Midnight" (Eric Clapton), "Call Me The Breeze" (Lynyrd Skynyrd), "The Sensitive Kind" (Santana), "Clyde" (Dr. Hook), "Crazy Mama" (Johnny Rivers) -- Artists as diverse as Bryan Ferry, Freddie KingCaptain Beefheart and Johnny Cash have also recorded J.J.'s songs, and if we had to pick out just one album to have from the man himself, it would have to be 1976's deliriously groovy "Troubadour" LP. Get yours today! Mr. Cale was a unique hybrid talent, no doubt; he passed away on July 26, 2013, age 74.

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