Underrated drummer's birthday! -- Two of the best singles EVER!!!

Sylvester Stewart
Sylvester Stewart/Sly Stone, c 1968. (Central Press/Getty Images)

2/15/1969 (50 years ago today) - Sly and the Family Stone start a four week run at No. 1 on the Billboard singles chart with the totally fantastic and timeless classic "Everyday People". What a band, way ahead of the curve...

2/15/1975 (44 years ago today) - Linda Ronstadt goes to No. 1 with her single "You're No Good" -- Weirdly, it is Linda's one and only solo single chart topper out of 12 other Top 40 hits. Good day chart-wise for her, though: Linda's album "Heart Like A Wheel" also hits the No. 1 spot on the LP side! She was the Queen, you know...

2/15/1944 - Happy Birthday to Kinks drummer and founding member Mick Avory, 75 years old today. Mick originally auditioned for The Rolling Stones, but they decided to go with Charlie Watts instead -- We've got to point out, though, that all those classic British Invasion Kinks singles wouldn't have sounded as nifty/catchy as they do without Mick on the kit -- Go back and re-listen to "Tired Of Waiting For You", "All Day And All Of The Night", "A Well Respected Man", "Dead-End Street", "Victoria", and it becomes obvious that it's the drum-playing which really helps take those songs to an unexpected level of artistry. Well done Mr. Avory!

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