Remembering R.P.M.'s -- A first paid gig -- A birthday for one of rock's M.V.P.'s...

Cafe Jukebox TV
Mid-1960's; It's a jukebox AND a TV! (Express Images/Getty Images)

2/01/1949 (70 years ago today) - Less than a month after they announce their latest creation, RCA records issues the first ever 45 rpm single -- "Texarkana Baby" by Eddy Arnold. The invention of a record this size is what made jukeboxes possible. Can we get an "Amen!!!"?

2/01/1963 (56 years ago today) - It's the first time he actually gets paid money for a performance: Neil Young scores what can be called his debut as a professional, churning out a mixed-bag set as a member of a band at a country club in Winnipeg, Canada; he is 17 years old.

2/01/1950 - Happy Birthday to the fantastically talented guitarist-songwriter-producer Mike Campbell, 69 years old today. In addition to becoming the newest member of Fleetwood Mac (replacing Lindsey Buckingham for crying out loud but that's how good he is!), plus his longtime association with Tom Petty as original lead guitarist for The Heartbreakers, Mike has an unbelievable resume of work, having collaborated with...oh, just about everybody you have in your music collection: Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, George Harrison, Don Henley (Mike co-wrote "The Boys Of Summer"), Stevie Nicks, Jackson Browne, Warren Zevon, John Prine, Roy Orbison, Brian Setzer, Tracy Chapman, The Dandy Warhols, J.D. Souther, Robin Zander, The Wallflowers and...well, at this point we think you get the idea...

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