One of the funkiest chart-toppers ever! -- Heavy Metal Hilarity! - Macca makes more big bucks, but...

Jethro Tull
Jethro Tull, c 1970. (Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

2/22/1975 (44 years ago today) - If you're not up 'n dancing when this comes on, you better check your pulse: Scottish R&B/funksters The Average White Band hit No. 1 on the singles chart with their original and irresistibly infectious classic "Pick Up The Pieces" -- Guitarist Hamish Stuart would go on to work with Paul McCartney for a number of years (the "Unplugged" set from 1991 is a distinctive highlight) and their second drummer Steve Ferrone will end up behind the kit for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Hey, AWB were a damn fine band -- Check out their tasty debut LP: not everybody can cover The Isley Brothers and (really) get away with it, but they did!

2/22/1989 (30 years ago today) - For the very first time, the Grammy Awards include a category for Heavy Metal: Although Metallica performed live onstage, the award went to...Jethro Tull!?!? A nauseated audience boo's loudly...

2/22/2003 (16 years ago today) - File under "Before making a judgement call, get the whole story...": Paul McCartney plays a VIP/invitation only/private show in San Diego for the 50th birthday of Wendy Wentworth, the executive producer of CNN's "The Larry King Show" -- Paul's fee for performing at a secret/ritzy birthday bash? One million dollars!!! He donates the entire sum to the Adopt-A-Minefield charity.

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