Another All Guitarists/Birthdays Celebration this week? High five's all around, please...

Aerosmith Makes In-Store Appearance In New York
Aerosmith, March 2001; guitarist Brad Whitford, far right. (Photo: George De Sota/Newsmakers/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

2/23/1944 - Born on this day, the great Johnny Winter, one of the coolest rock-and-blues guitarists of all time; his covers of Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters and The Rolling Stones (to name but a few) are the stuff that true legends are made of. Though the cause of Johnny's death was never officially released, years and years of a real hard rockin' lifestyle seem to have finally caught with him on July 14, 2014, just two days after performing at The Cahors Blues Festival in France; he was 70 years old. The following vintage footage borders on insanely intense:

2/23/1946 - Happy Birthday to one of the founding members of the highly influential country-rock band Poco, pedal steel guitarist and vocalist Rusty Young, 71 years old today. Just to get it on the record: Poco were the link in the country-rock chain that bridged Buffalo Springfield and The Eagles before The Eagles ever got around to being The Eagles! Any of their late '60's/early '70's albums on the Epic record label offer all the proof you need to hear...

2/23/1952 - Happy Birthday to underrated Aerosmith guitar ace Brad Whitford, 65 years old today. Joe Perry gets the spotlight more often, but as equally important is the rhythm-riffage that Brad provides on many an Aerosmith classic -- while he does get co-writing credits for "Kings And Queens", "Last Child" and "Round And Round" (awesome and definitely of their very best!), we like what Brad brings to the bands sound live onstage: "Bootleg!" is the classic fan fave, but even more mightily impressive is what Brad does on "Rockin' The Joint: Aerosmith Live At The Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas" (2005), one the Top Three most overlooked excellent live rock albums ever made!

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