All Beatles edition today, including a (literally) dopey Macca quote. Fun!

Cavern Girls
The Cavern Club, Liverpool, April 1963. (Photo: John Pratt/Keystone/Getty Images)

1/16/1957 (60 years ago today) - The Cavern Club opened at 10 Mathew Street, in Liverpool, England; it started out as a jazz venue, but later became the center of the burgeoning rock and roll scene of the early 1960's. Coming home after their notorious gigs in Hamburg, Germany, The Beatles began appearing at the Cavern where they performed a grand total of 292 shows(!), the first occurring on February 9, 1961, the last on August 3, 1963, a month after recording "She Loves You" and just six months before their first trip to the U.S. Considering there was no social media like today, the rise and impact of the boys moved along at an amazingly brisk pace from here on out...

1/16/1964 (53 years ago today) - The Beatles played two shows in Paris, France, kicking off an 18-night engagement at the Olympia Theatre. This first nights performance was attended mostly by members of Paris' "top society", all dressed up in formal evening attire. The next day, French newspapers had little good to say about The Fab Four, but it didn't matter: The Beatles had just learned "I Want To Hold Your Hand" went to No. 1 in America, and was selling 10,000 copies an hour in New York City alone! 'Sacre bleu!'

1/16/1980 (37 years ago today) - Marijuana possession = crime time, even if you're a world-famous Beatle: Paul McCartney gets locked up in a Tokyo jail for nine days after authorities discovered a couple of bags of weed in his luggage upon arrival at Japan's Narita Airport. What was he thinking? "This stuff was too good to flush down the toilet, so I thought I'd take it with me." Really.

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