Suppress The Children! -- Floyd Psychedelia! -- One of Bowie's Best!

(RCA Records)

1/23/1956 (63 years ago today) - ...and it happened in the future city-home of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: If you were a rock 'n' roll fan under the age of 18 in Cleveland, you weren't gonna get to "shake that thang" -- Ohio State Police re-introduced a law (dating back to 1931) that prohibits citizens under the age of 18 from dancing in public, unless accompanied by a supervising adult. When the grown-ups ban it, you know what's gonna happen next...

1/23/1967 (52 years ago today) - You could argue that true, essential psychedelic rock started here: Pink Floyd spent the first of three days at Sound Techniques Studio in London recording the Syd Barrett songs "Arnold Layne" and "Candy And A Currant Bun". According to Roger Waters, Arnold Layne was a real person -- a transvestite who was infamous for stealing women's underwear off clotheslines in the backyards of Cambridge neighborhoods!

1/23/1976 (43 years ago today) - It was the vehicle for his last great "character", The Thin White Duke: David Bowie released his tenth studio album, the absolutely-perfect-from-start-to-finish "Station To Station", featuring near-insane musicianship from guitarist Earl Slick and E Street Band piano man Roy Bittan -- Regarded as one of his most significant works, it was sort of a transitional LP for Bowie as he further developed the funk and soul style of the previous "Young Americans", melding it with a new-found fondness for up-and-coming German electronic bands like Neu! and Kraftwerk. The results, six songs (three per side) clocking in at 37:14, made "Station To Station" a Top 5 success in both the U.S. and U.K. Yet it also remains one of his most elusive masterworks: just what was it all about? Didn't matter. Still sounds utterly, totally fantastic. A definitive Bowie must-have.

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