Dylan meets his hero, so how'd that go? -- Jim meets the police (yes, again) -- Men at Work meet Rod Stewart (well, only sort of...)

Woody Guthrie smoking & squinting
Woody Guthrie, c 1960. (Getty Images)

1/29/1961 (59 years ago today) - It was a dream come true for Bob Dylan when he met his idol, folk legend/singer-songwriter Woody Guthrie -- It was during a weekend release from the hospital where Woody was undergoing treatment for Huntington's Chorea, a genetic disorder that causes the progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain. Dylan told him, "I am a Woody Guthrie jukebox"; in return, Guthrie gave Bob a card which read: "I ain't dead yet".

1/29/1968 (52 years ago today) - It's just another night for The Doors who perform at The Pussy Cat A Go Go in Las Vegas and we've got to say just how precious is that? Could anything be more Sixties/Vegas than playing at The Pussy Cat A Go Go? Well, of course, Jim Morrison has to kick it up a notch anyway, so after the gig, outside in the parking lot, he taunts a security guard by pretending to smoke a joint. The obvious happens, a fight ensues and (just like betting on a sure thing) when the police arrive, Jim is arrested and charged with vagrancy, public drunkenness, and failure to possess sufficient identification. That last part is our favorite...

1/29/1983 (37 years ago today) - Quite an achievement actually: Men At Work are at No. 1 on both the American and British album and singles charts simultaneously with "Down Under" (the top single) and "Business As Usual" (the top LP) -- The last artist to achieve this was Rod Stewart in 1971 with "Maggie May" off his "Every Picture Tells A Story" album. 'When you're hot, you're hot', that's what they used to call it...

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