We love it when girls rule! -- The name change was a really good idea here... -- A birthday cupcake instead of a punch in the face? Oh, okay...

(Courtesy of Atlantic Records)

1/30/1961 (58 years ago today) - The Shirelles became the first girl group to reach the Number One spot on the U.S. singles chart with their version of the Carole King classic "Will You Love Me Tomorrow?". Sheer perfection, really. (Interesting side-note: the B-side was "Boys", which would later be infamously covered by The Beatles with Ringo on lead vocal.) Bop-bop-shoo-wop!

1/30/1973 (46 years ago today) - You can put the make-up on other faces, sure, but in your heart of hearts, you know that this was the real, definitive and irreplaceable line-up: Just a few days after changing the name of the band from "Wicked Lester", Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss made their debut appearance as Kiss at the Popcorn Club in Queens, New York. Done is done.

1/30/1951 - He ruined "You Can't Hurry Love". He ruined Genesis with "Invisible Touch". On the other hand, he made one of classic rock's Top 3 All-Time Greatest Drum Songs ("In The Air Tonight", you pick the other two) and the inclusion of "Easy Lover" (his duet with Earth, Wind & Fire's Philip Bailey) as background music in "The Assassination Of Gianni Versace" series, turned what was a piece of slickly-over-produced-'80's-sugar-pop into a brilliantly-vulgar-creepy-nightmare-come-true, so Happy Birthday to Phil Collins, 68 years old today. We actually kinda liked "Tarzan" (honest!), but, whatever...

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