Beatles '65!!! -- Best double-albums of all-time are...? -- Jimmy's b'day!!!

(Courtesy of Capitol Records)
(Courtesy of Capitol Records)

1/9/1965 (55 years ago today) - Arguably the greatest this-'n'-that-mish-mash ever released: John, Paul, George and Ringo kick off a nine week run at No. 1 on the album chart with "Beatles '65" -- It was their fourth full-length chart topper and even though it wasn't an "official album recording" (it was made up of previously released singles and U.K. album tracks), it still amazes in its absolute perfection, that's how good they were: That you could take a little of 'this' and attach it to some of 'that' and still end up with a cohesive package is, by any standard, simply astounding! This LP was a turning point for sure: John's "I'm A Loser" and "No Reply" laid the groundwork for "Rubber Soul", Paul rips it up on (the gotta-be-a-tribute-to-Ray-Charles) "She's A Woman", and then gets soft and poetic for "I'll Follow The Sun"George introduces the world to Carl Perkins via "Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby" and Ringo (God bless him!) takes the lead and runs with it on another Perkins cover, "Honey Don't" -- Throw in the heaven's-gate-opening-feedback of "I Feel Fine" and what's left to say? For a simple, short piece of vinyl (11 songs at 26:10), "Beatles '65" remains lethally awesome...

1/9/2015 (5 years ago today) - ...and the votes are in: Rolling Stone magazine published their Readers Poll of The 10 Greatest Double Albums of All Time, and the Top Five were: No. 5 - Led Zeppelin, "Physical Graffiti"; No. 4 - Bruce Springsteen, "The River"; No. 3 - The Rolling Stones, "Exile On Main Street"; No. 2 - Pink Floyd, "The Wall"; No. 1 - The Beatles, "The White Album"

1/9/1944 - There can be only one: Happy Birthday to Jimmy Page, 76 years old today.

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