Finding out The Beatles are for real began with this one... -- Sorry, Mick, you can't go there... -- It's Jimmy's birthday!!!

Young Jagger Sings
Onstage with The Stones, May 1965. (Evening Standard/Getty Images)

1/9/1965 (52 years ago today) - Mmm, y'know it's starting to sound like these boys might actually know what they're doing...: The Beatles kick off a nine week run at No. 1 with "Beatles '65". Even though it was one of Capitol Records throw-together-some-songs-to-cash-in-while-they-can albums, the maturity of the tracks announced to the world The Fab Four were more than ready to move on: "No Reply", "I'm A Loser", "She's A Woman", "I'll Be Back", "I'll Follow The Sun", "Baby's In Black", "I Feel Fine", two Carl Perkins covers, a Chuck Berry rocker; all together, 11 songs totaling just over 26 minutes -- an extremely convincing hunk o'work, and it wasn't even a "real" LP. Sounds great when played loud!

1/9/1973 (44 years ago today) - "You keep-a knockin' but ya can't come in...": The Rolling Stones were forced to cancel their forthcoming tour of Japan when Mick was refused a visa because of a 1969 "drug conviction". (Remember, McCartney got tossed in jail when they found a bag of weed in his luggage...)

1/9/1944 - Happy Birthday to James Patrick "Jimmy" Page, OBE, 73 years old today. Mr. Page was a renown session guitarist and musical arranger in the 1960's, having been on such notable classics as "Goldfinger" - Shirley Bassey, Them - "Baby, Please Don't Go", Petula Clark - "Downtown", Donovan - "Sunshine Superman", Joe Cocker - "With A Little Help From My Friends", Lulu - "Shout!", The Who - "I Can't Explain", The Rolling Stones - "Heart Of Stone", and many, many more! Impressive resume there. He played with a couple of his own bands, too, they did some stuff...

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