A pair of No. 1 singles that expose the difference between the Sixties and Eighties and props for a drummer who more-than-got-the-job-done...

(Courtesy of Sire Records)
(Courtesy of Sire Records)

7/11/1970 (48 years ago today) - ...and it was written by Randy Newman, long before "Toy Story" came along: Three Dog Night start two weeks at the top of the singles chart with the unforgettable party nightmare classic "Mama Told Me Not To Come" -- Actually it was first covered by Eric Burdon on his 1966 debut album (didn't go anywhere), and in 2000, it became a massive radio hit in England for Tom Jones and U.K. faves Stereophonics. "Oh, don't turn on the light 'cause I don't want to see...", great stuff!

7/11/1987 (31 years ago today) - A great example of how '80's ballads could give ya goose-bumps: Heart starts three weeks at No. 1 with the ridiculously under-appreciated "Alone" -- We gotta say you never realized how good Ann Wilson really is until you sit through a version by a TV show contestant warbling through this one, it puts some perspective on what taken-for-granted means...

7/11/2014 (4 years ago today) - He was the last surviving original member of the band before his death: Tommy Ramone (real name Thomas Erdelyi), the first drummer and founding member of The Ramones, passed away on this date following unsuccessful treatment for bile duct cancer; he was 65. You gotta have a copy of "Rocket To Russia", kids, it sounds like it was recorded yesterday!!!

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