A simple signature is about to alter the course of cultural history forevermore... -- Do you despise this one-hit wonder too? -- Happy Birthday to the one member Mac can never do without...

(Courtesy of RCA Records)
(Courtesy of RCA Records)

7/12/1954 (65 years ago today) - Look out, 'cuz two years from now...KA-BOOM!!!!!: Elvis Presley gives notice and quits his regular day job working for the Crown Electric Company and promptly heads over to Sun Records studios in Memphis where he signs his first recording contract. He is just 19 years old.

7/12/1969 (50 years ago today) - Not since Gary Puckett opened his mouth to croon, have we encountered a song that actually, physically, makes us woozily nauseated: Zager and Evans start six unrelenting weeks at No. 1 on the singles chart with the pseudo-sci-fi epic monstrosity "In The Year 2525 (Exordium And Terminus)". The song also went to the top in the U.K., making them the only one hit wonders ever in both the American and British charts. That's not a compliment. Good luck:

7/12/1943 - We've said it before, and we'll proudly scream it again -- It's just not Fleetwood Mac if she's not in the band: Happy Birthday to the most under-rated keyboardist/songwriter on Planet Earth, the one and only and totally fantastic Christine McVie, 76 years old today and Holy Smokes kids, we really do love her big time! Enjoy this one, it's Chris at her very, very best:

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