Stones get their eighth! -- R.I.P., J.J. -- Mick makes it to 76!

(Courtesy of Rolling Stones Records)
(Courtesy of Rolling Stones Records)

7/26/1980 (39 years ago today) - The Rolling Stones start seven weeks at No. 1 with their eighth consecutive U.S. chart topping LP, the pseudo-sloppy-but-utterly-irresistible "Emotional Rescue" -- Recorded in the Bahamas, it's a masterclass of substance-induced funkapalooza-ness and, frankly, no other Stones album sounds as loose or goofy-groovy: "Send It To Me", "Dance (Pt. 1)", "She's So Cold", "Summer Romance", the title track, and a so down-down-down-and-dirty blues called {ahem} "Down In The Hole" that may as well have been recorded in a sewer ~~Magnifico!!!~~ Only The Stones could have pulled this one off, a definite fave of ours for sure...

7/26/2013 (6 years ago today) - One of the most influential guitarist-songwriter-vocalists in all of rock and roll and blues and R&B passed away on this date at age 74 -- God Bless the one and only, never-to-be-replaced J.J. Cale. Some of the songs that J.J. wrote include "After Midnight", "Call Me The Breeze", "Cocaine", "The Sensitive Kind" -- Artists who have covered his stuff are so varied as to be nearly unbelievable: Eric Clapton, Bryan Ferry, Johnny Cash, Santana, Beck, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kansas, Lucinda Williams, and on and on and on and on... A truly remarkable legacy.

7/26/1943 - Happy Birthday to Michael Philip Jagger, 76 years old today. Like, seriously, is there really anything we can say except...where the hell would be without him, fellow rock 'n' rollers?

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