A classic rock warning...again! -- Icon scores major victory over "The Man"! -- Historic gig for Queen!

Lennon And Ono
John and Yoko, c 1969. (Keystone Features/Getty Images)

7/27/1958 (62 years ago today) - Rock and roll fans are warned that listening to their favorite music while driving costs you money!!! According to research by the Esso gas company, the rhythms of rock music cause the driver of the car to be more foot heavy on the pedal, thus resulting in much wasted fuel. We love science!

7/27/1976 (44 years ago today) - "Take that, Tricky Dick!": After four years of battling in the U.S. court system, John Lennon is finally awarded his green card, allowing him permanent residence here in America. A major victory!

7/27/1986 (34 years ago today) - Queen becomes the first Western act since Louis Armstrong in 1964 to perform in Eastern Europe when they play a concert in Hungary at the Budapest Nepstadion; the show is filmed and released as "Queen Magic In Budapest"...

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