Wait a minute, wait a minute....it's the last day of July?!?!?!

Beatles In America
Aug., 1964. (Photo: Express/Express/Getty Images)

7/31/1968 (50 years ago today) - It was the snappiest, shiniest, ultra-coolest new toy in town: At London's Trident Studios, a brand new 8-track recording machine has just been installed and The Beatles can't wait to get to working with it as their old EMI studio was still using the ancient 4-track, so, you know...The boys first adventure into high tech results in four takes of a new Paul McCartney tune titled "Hey Jude". Turns out all right...

7/31/1969 (49 years ago today) - Some have said it was the beginning of the end, for lots of different reasons: Elvis Presley starts a four week engagement at the Las Vegas International Hotel -- For his first live-in-concert shows since 1961, The King nets $1.5 million, a more than decent paycheck by 1969 standards -- On the hotel restaurant menu is the "Elvis Special": polk salad (taproot, black berries, bacon and fried onions) served with corn muffins and honey...

7/31/1971 (47 years ago today) - When singer/songwriters ruled the day: James Taylor hits No. 1 on the singles chart with his absolutely definitive version of Carole King's "You've Got a Friend" -- The album it's on, "Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon", does pretty well too, going all the way up to No. 2 -- In a kinda weird twist, it's Carole King herself that keeps J.T. out of the top spot on the album chart: her classic "Tapestry" (which also features "You've Got A Friend") ends up spending an uncanny 15 weeks in a row at No. 1, blocking out all contenders between June 19th and September 25th!!!

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