One of the most historic "Roll tape!" days EVER!!! -- Stones' freebie!!! -- Underrated rocker b'day...

Rolling Stones
20-year old Mick Taylor (second from left) is introduced as the new guitarist for The Rolling Stones, June 13, 1969. (Wilds/Keystone/Getty Images)

7/5/1954 (63 years ago today) - Working together for the very first time at Memphis' legendary Sun Studios, guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black are kinda just messin' around with singer Elvis Presley during a break from working on an up-tempo version of "That's All Right" -- Producer/engineer Sam Philips hears somethin' special, and requests that the boys have a go one mo' time; it becomes Elvis' first release on Sun Records. And we're off...!!!

7/5/1969 (48 years ago today) - It's a performance in honor of original-founding member Brian Jones, who had passed away just two days earlier: The Rolling Stones give a free concert in London's Hyde Park as a tribute to Brian -- It was guitarist Mick Taylor's debut onstage with the band, and, oh, well, nothin' to get nervous about: attendance was estimated at just over 250,000!!!

7/5/1950 - What the heck, let's sing Happy Birthday to Huey Lewis, 67 years old today -- It's for sure: "Back To The Future" wouldn't have been the same without him (and The News!)...

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