Today it's one of the strangest double-bills EVER; there's yet another ban on rock concerts due to rowdy fans; and a beloved 1970's classic single is top of the pops!

Mott The Hoople, 1971. (Courtesy of Atlantic Records/; Note: future Bad Co. guitarist Mick Ralphs, far left, and Ian Hunter, second from right.)

7/08/1967 (52 years ago today) - We really wish we could have seen just one of these nights: The Monkees kick off a 29-date tour with none other than The Jimi Hendrix Experience as the opening act! After only six shows, Jimi was politely dropped from the tour -- Apparently his act was deemed 'unsuitable' for The Monkees teeny-bopper audience. Unbelievable it lasted six nights, really...

7/08/1971 (48 years ago today) - The kids got a little...enthusiastic: The prestigious Royal Albert Hall in Merry Olde London pulls the plug on rock concerts at the historic venue after a Mott The Hoople gig during which there were fights, injuries, hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages to the theatre's seats and more. The band had to pay for the repairs to the property; history, nonetheless, is made...

7/08/1972 (47 years ago today) - It was his only U.S. Number One single: Bill Withers tops the chart for three weeks in a row with his legendary "Lean On Me". Hmmm, thought "Ain't No Sunshine" was the biggie, but it turns out that only went as high as No. 3 -- The fantastic "Use Me" did make it to No. 2 later in '72. OK, now we gotta get ourselves a Bill Withers compilation! Fantastic live vocal here, whoo-hee, babies:

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