A wicked big birthday! A big technological development in how to listen to music! A big one-and-only for Fleetwood Mac!

Little Beatle
6 yr. old Paul McCartney in front of 8 yr. old brother Mike, 1948. (Keystone/Getty Images)

6/18/1948 (72 years ago today) - Columbia Records begin the first mass production of 33-1/3-RPM vinyl "long players" (thus the term LP), so named because this new fangled format could contain up to 23 minutes of music per side(!), versus the old three-minutes-max that was squeezed onto the then-standard 78 RPM discs. Whoo-hoo's all around!!!

6/18/1977 (43 years ago today) - The story is that she wrote the song in about 10 minutes while taking a break at the Record Plant studios in Sausalito, California: Fleetwood Mac end up going to No. 1 on this date with the classic single "Dreams", a Stevie Nicks composition from the "Rumours" album. Kinda weirdly, it is the Mac's first and only U.S. chart topping single! Hmmm...

6/18/1942 - Born on this day, the undisputed most successful rock composer of all time, Happy Birthday to Paul McCartney, 78 years old today -- Fact: Paul has written (or co-written) over 200 records that have been on the charts; nearly half of them getting into the Top Ten, with 35 making it to No. 1 (that's an approximate total of 1,664 weeks on the charts!). Decent live performer, too...

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