All 1960's edition today, more proof positive why The Sixties truly rocked...

It was like this wherever The Beatles went; Toronto, Canada, Sept. 1964. (Fox Photos/Getty Images)

6/22/1963 (54 years ago today) - Did you know Marvin Gaye played drums on this one?: 13-year old Stevie Wonder debuts on the singles chart (as "Little Stevie Wonder") with the classic "Fingertips--Parts 1 and 2", which went on to become the first live/non-studio record to hit No. 1 since 1952's monologue "It's In The Book" by comedian Johnny Standley, who was a real person by all accounts...

6/22/1964 (53 years ago today) - The Beatles play their first ever show in New Zealand at Wellington Town Hall and the grown-ups/adults/parents/crowd still wouldn't take them seriously, so here's what happens: the local Chief of Police refuses to provide The Fab Four with proper law enforcement escort services, resulting in just two(!) policemen left to control the over 5,000 screaming fans that showed up!!!

6/22/1968 (49 years ago today) - The Jeff Beck Group make their U.S. concert debut at New York's Fillmore East; front-man and lead vocalist Rod Stewart is so beyond-nervous that he performs most of the set with his back to the audience!

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