Two of the coolest, heppest-sounding singles to ever hit No. 1 and a birthday for a rather under-appreciated singer-songwriter...and yes, we meant "hep"!

(Courtesy of Capitol Records)
(Courtesy of Capitol Records)

6/25/1966 (54 years ago today) - The Beatles start a two-week run at No. 1 on the U.S. singles chart with "Paperback Writer", which (once again) didn't sound like anything else they had done before -- It was the boys 12th(!) U.S. chart-topper, and notable for its boosted bass guitar sound throughout, thanks to John Lennon's relentless sarcasm in the studio, demanding an explanation of why the bass guitar on a certain Wilson Pickett record had more zip and presence and power than on any Beatles record -- Add in the fact that the also-amazing sounding "Rain" was the B-side, and you've got a stunning piece of work, one of their very best...

6/25/1977 (43 years ago today) - This could have been recorded yesterday and it would still sound 20 times fresher than most of the funk we're stuck with today: Marvin Gaye went to No. 1 for the third time on the singles chart with the absolutely fantastic "Got To Give It Up". Mesmerizing, intoxicating, beyond influential...

6/25/1945 - Born on this day, one of the greatest lyricists and singers of her era and well beyond, Happy Birthday to the stunning and stunningly talented Carly Simon, 75 years old today. This one kinda scares the crap out of us, it's so good:

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