Eagles breakthrough! -- DJ's help McCartney... -- Ridiculous number for the Floyd...

(Courtesy of Harvest/Capitol Records)
(Courtesy of Harvest/Capitol Records)

6/28/1975 (43 years ago today) - The Eagles start five weeks at No. 1 with their fourth studio album "One Of These Nights" -- 'Twas a biggie, featuring three Top Ten singles: the title track, "Take It To The Limit" (a rare lead vocal for guitarist Randy Meisner), and "Lyin' Eyes" which would go on to win a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group.

6/28/1980 (38 years ago today) - This time, the DJ's on yer radio got it right!: The Paul McCartney single "Coming Up" becomes one of the very few live recordings to reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart -- When first released, this live version (recorded during a Wings concert in Scotland in December 1979) was one of two songs on the B-side of the studio version of "Coming Up" (the other track was "Lunchbox/Odd Sox") -- Because the studio recording featured kinda-weird-sounding sped-up vocals from Paul and Linda, American disc-jockeys played the live side instead, wisely picking up on its more raw, energetic sound, and this became the song that hit No. 1, much to the chagrin of Paul, who got to see the record spend three weeks at the top while selling over one million copies. Well done fellow radio folk!!! The original video is pretty cool, though:

6/28/1997 (21 years ago today) - It's a huge number...: This date marks the 1,056th week(!) that "Dark Side Of The Moon" by Pink Floyd spent on the U.S. album chart. Beggars belief...

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