Guess who just graduated from high school -- Guess who just "buried" The Beatles -- Guess who just walked in and out of the recording studio and nobody knew who he was!

Pink Floyd
Original Pink Floyd line-up, July 1967; Syd Barrett down front. (Keystone/Getty Images)

6/5/1959 (59 years ago today) - Robert Alan Zimmerman graduates from high school in Hibbing, Minnesota -- As a teen, the soon-to-be-renamed Bob Dylan formed a few different bands while in school; notoriously, at his high school talent show, Bob's group performed Danny & The Juniors' "Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay" and they were so loud, the principal cut off the P.A.! -- His long sideburns and leather jacket led to fellow classmates referring to him as a "greaser", while Bob's graduation yearbook picture carried the caption "Robert Zimmerman: to join 'Little Richard'". We love that...

6/5/1971 (47 years ago today) - Another bigger and better trend begins(?)...: Grand Funk Railroad demolished the record held by The Beatles when the Detroit hard rock outfit sell out Shea Stadium in New York City in less than 72 hours! This was a cause for heartbreaking headlines to many, yes it was...

6/5/1975 (43 years ago today) - While Pink Floyd were recording material for what would turn out to be the "Wish You Were Here" album, original founding member Syd Barrett mysteriously turned up at the Abbey Road studios from...well, out of nowhere! Weirdly, it was while the band was listening to a playback of their tribute to Syd, "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", when Barrett nonchalantly and kinda creepily just strolled in! By this time, however, the then-29-year-old had shaved off all his hair (including his eyebrows), and was so massively overweight that not one of his ex-band mates recognized him. Syd leaves without saying goodbye; the remaining members of Floyd never see him again.

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