Stones get booed, Zimmy goes country, and a birthday we'll definitely be celebrating...

Laughing Stones
L-R: Charlie, Mick and Keith; in London, getting ready to fly to the U.S.; June 1st, 1964. (Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

6/7/1964 (55 years ago today) - File under "Dues paying": During their first ever tour of North America, The Rolling Stones find themselves getting booed off stage at a gig in San Antonio, Texas -- An animal act made up of some performing monkeys-in-hats who had been on just before the Stones, were brought back on stage for another go. Trained monkeys replace the original line-up of The Stones!?!? Yup.

6/7/1969 (50 years ago today) - At the legendary Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, the first ABC-TV filming of "The Johnny Cash Show" takes place with Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell making live appearances -- Dylan sang "Living The Blues""I Threw It All Away" and a duet with Johnny for "The Girl From The North Country" -- Joni's just a rising star at this point and performs "Both Sides Now". One of the best shows to ever be broadcast on TV, only we didn't realize it at the time, so how 'bout a rare "Thank You!"-shout-out to the modern world of streaming and down-loading, making it nice indeed to be able to access this stuff pretty easily, proving it's good for something! Didn't know Joni did this with Johnny later on, too:

6/7/1958 - The totally amazing Prince Rogers Nelson was born on this date; should have been turning 61 today. We still feel the pang...

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"Well something's lost, but something's gained/In living every day...", xoxo!

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