Wall Of Sound masterpiece features interesting session musicians... -- George "helps" Paul with another No. 1... -- Best guitar songs of all-time...?

The Crystals
The Crystals, Feb. 1964. (Keystone/Getty Images)

6/8/1963 (55 years ago today) - The fantastically titled "Da Doo Ron Ron" by The Crystals peaks at No. 3 on the singles chart --Simply one of the greatest sounding 45's ever recorded, thanks to (psycho) producer Phil Spector and his "Wall of Sound": the use of multi-tracking to build layer upon layer upon layer of sound, resulting in a virtual 'CinemaScope'-type experience, really exhilarating stuff! How about some of the musicians featured on this track: Glen Campbell on guitar, Leon Russell on piano, Hal Blaine on drums (notable for his work with Elvis, Frank Sinatra and Simon & Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water") -- Honestly, this is the kind of song that gets you to thinking maybe {just maybe} mankind's not so bad after all...

6/8/1974 (44 years ago today) - It was his third solo U.S. No. 1 single: "Band On The Run" by Paul McCartney (& Wings, but really...) hits the top of the chart -- Paul later stated it was former band mate George Harrison who unwittingly contributed the line "If we ever get out of here", a reference to the many arduous Beatle business meetings at Apple. Still sounds amazing though...

6/8/2008 (10 years ago today) - It was always going to be ridiculous and right-on at the same time: Rolling Stone published their list of "The Top 100 Guitar Songs Of All-Time", and rounding out the toppermost? At No. 5, "Brown Sugar" - The Rolling Stones; No. 4, "You Really Got Me" - The Kinks; No. 3, "Crossroads" - Cream; No. 2, "Purple Haze" - The Jimi Hendrix Experience; No. 1, "Johnny B. Goode" - Chuck Berry. Told ya!!!

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