Jackson Browne and Bruce Springsteen kinda steal an early '60's hook... -- Weird but true disco fact... -- B'day for a classic rock's Sheldon Cooper...

Boston debut album cover, Aug. 1976. (Courtesy of Epic Records/Getty Images)
Boston debut album cover, Aug. 1976. (Courtesy of Epic Records/Getty Images)

3/10/1962 (55 years ago today) - It's a sing-along phrase that will last forever...: On the singles chart, Bruce Chanel starts a three week run at No. 1 with his classic "Hey! Baby". The chorus is so ridiculously catchy that The Boss "borrows" it for the end of "Dancing In The Dark", Jackson Browne uses it to to bridge the chorus of "Boulevard", and Tom Petty features it big-time on "I Won't Back Down". There are probably hundreds more examples out there somewhere, but the original hook was right here, babies...

3/10/1979 (38 years ago today) - The song was unavoidable and inescapable...: It's Gloria Gaynor's turn to kick of three weeks at the top when the disco anthem "I Will Survive" hits the No. 1 spot. But did you know that it was first released by The Righteous Brothers(!) as the B-side to their single "Substitute"? Somewhat...odd, considering what a smasheroo-statement of feminist courage the track evolved into.

3/10/1947 - Happy Birthday to the man-behind-Boston, musician-brainiac Tom Scholz, 70 years old today. That first Boston album remains an astonishing achievement; it's so sonically perfect from start-to-finish (and, no lie, each song is a bona-fide classic), there's really no point in ever pushing play on anything else "the band" ever made. Deep down, you know that's true.

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