How 'bout these '60's icons who didn't know their music was being messed with... -- Remembering a great female R&B artist... -- A birthday for the genius behind one of the most perfect classic rock debut albums ever!

(Courtesy of Epic Records)
(Courtesy of Epic Records)

3/10/1964 (56 years ago today) - It's Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel's first attempt at recording "The Sound Of Silence" and they do it in an exclusively all acoustic style --Without their knowledge or consent, producers for their record label go ahead and add guitars, bass and drums, and that's the version that goes on to become a phenomenal hit single in 1965...

3/10/1997 (23 years ago today) - She's in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with good reason: R&B singer LaVern Baker passed away on this date from coronary complications at age 57 -- In the late Fifties and early Sixties, she released hit after hit after hit, all of 'em classics, including the original version of "Jim Dandy" (which sold over one million copies in 1956), "See See Rider", "I Cried A Tear" (featuring King Curtis on sax), "I Waited Too Long" (written by Neil Sedaka) and, of course, "Tweedlee Dee", probably her best known piece o'work. Interestingly, her last recording was a smokin' version of Nilsson's "Jump Into The Fire" for the 1995 Harry Nilsson tribute project "For The Love Of Harry" -- She was one of the best for sure. Seriously, how can you not love this stuff...

3/10/1947 - Happy Birthday to Boston main man Tom Scholz, 73 years old today -- You know, it doesn't happen to many full-length LP's but the true fact of the matter is that every song on the first Boston album gets played every day on classic rock stations all over the world -- 75 million Boston albums have been sold; three-quarters of that number account for the Boston debut alone! You do the math while we put the record on again and bathe in that still amazing guitar sound, a perfect record, start to finish. And just for fun: rare video of the band performing live in 1976:

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