Today it's back to 1970 and '72 for a pair of the era's best LP's (still being played on the radio today), along with the beginning of the end for one of rock's most charismatic lead singers...

"Neil Young Journeys" Premiere - Slamdance - 2012 Park City
Neil Young, Jan. 2012. (Photo: Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images)

3/11/1970 (50 years ago today) - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young release their first album (together), the still-sounds-extraordinary "Deja Vu" -- It ends up at No. 1 a few weeks later, has three Top 40 singles on it ("Teach Your Children", "Our House" and "Woodstock") along with songs by Stephen Stills ("4 + 20") and Neil Young ("Helpless") that still resonate quite powerfully today. When you need to prove rock bands are capable of creating a real artistic masterpieces, feel free to bring this one up in the conversation. Point made. Done.

3/11/1971 (49 years ago today) - Jim Morrison will never touch American soil ever again: The Doors' front man arrives in Paris and books himself into The Hotel George's before moving to an apartment about a week later -- Jim remains in Paris until his death on July 3, 1971.

3/11/1972 (48 years ago today) - Neil Young goes to No. 1 on the album charts at the same time in both America and England with his fourth studio release "Harvest" -- It's Neil's only chart topper and a glance at the track listing makes it obvious: "Heart Of Gold", "Old Man", "The Needle And The Damage Done", "Out On The Weekend", "Are You Ready For The Country?", "Alabama"simply put, a master-class in songwriting which also ended up being the best selling album of 1972. This is another one of those records you absolutely must have in your home. You know why!

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