Elvis clucks! -- Janis on the cheap! -- Incredibly influential funkster b'day...

Elvis And The Press
While on Army leave, a press conference in Paris, June 1959. (Keystone/Getty Images)

3/15/1955 (63 years ago today) - This is what they mean by "The devil's in the details":  A date of infamy 'cuz this is when Elvis signed his management contract with Colonel Tom Parker whose previous show-biz experience was "The Great Parker Pony Circus" which featured a troupe of dancing chickens! Peeps {pun intended} that love social media are quick to point out...etc., etc.

3/15/1969 (49 years ago today) - Janis Joplin was featured on the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone, which was gonna cost you 35 cents! You could also read about Johnny Cash, plus an interview with LSD guru Timothy Leary and an in-depth look at...Roller Derby! Today, if you wanna buy a copy of this issue in decent condition on eBay, get ready to cough up $99.99!

3/15/1944 - Happy Birthday Sylvester Stewart, born this date in Denton, Texas: The incredible and wonderful musical world where funk, soul, rock and psychedelia meet and have babies would have been completely unimaginable were it not for the one and only Sly Stone. Some might say he's an unpredictable hot mess, but a fact's a fact and Sly remains one of the most influential artists to ever breathe. Get your copy of "Sly & The Family Stone Greatest Hits" right now!

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