Elvis starts his last hike... -- Ex-C.C.R.-man is tops... -- One of rock's most-taken-for-granted artists celebrates a birthday...

John Fogerty Performs at Halftime of Miami Dolphins vs Detroit Lions - November 23, 2006
John Fogerty, Nov. 2006. (Photo: Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

3/23/1977 (40 years ago today) - Elvis Presley does a show at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona; it is the first of a scheduled 49 date tour, but by the end of the month he is hospitalized in Memphis (for severe intestinal flu), and many gigs have to be re-scheduled. The tour resumes in Greensboro, N.C. on April 21 and continues into June. These will turn out to be Elvis' final live performances...ever.

3/23/1985 (32 years ago today) - It was his first album in nine years(!): John Fogerty goes to No. 1 with his third studio LP "Centerfield" -- John not only wrote all the songs...he also played all the instruments on the album himself, which goes on to be a massive success: three hit singles ("The Old Man Down The Road", "Rock And Roll Girls", and the title track), plus the LP makes it into the Top 5 in Australia, Canada, Norway and Sweden. The long-awaited bona-fide comeback is underway...

3/23/1949 - Happy Birthday to singer-songwriter-producer Ric Ocasek, 68 years old today. The Cars leader is (no doubt) the real deal, a genuine mastermind -- think about all those classic Cars songs that get played every day on radios all around the world, some of rock's catchiest/cleverest stuff -- you gotta wonder why Ric's not held in higher regard. We think it's kinda weird, like...artistically, how good do you have to be, really?

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