The King and Uncle Sam... -- A '70's No. 1 the world could sure use right now... -- We love Nick Lowe!!!

U.K. album cover of Nick Lowe's 1978 debut solo LP. (Courtesy of Radar Records/Columbia Records)
U.K. album cover of Nick Lowe's 1978 debut solo LP. (Courtesy of Radar Records/Columbia Records)

3/24/1958 (59 years ago today) - Duty calls: Elvis Presley reports to the Memphis draft board at precisely 6:35 am. He is then transported (along with a dozen other recruits) to Kennedy Veterans Memorial Hospital and assigned Army serial number 53310761. We gotta give him mucho credit for not shirking from his responsibilities here; certainly at his level of celebrity/fame, Elvis could have found a way out...the price he was to pay, however, was a mere five years away in the form of a "British Invasion".

3/24/1973 (44 years ago today) - Just a reminder...: The O'Jays went to No. 1 on the singles chart with the fantastic classic "Love Train". The song had been kicking around since its release back on January 27, 1973, coincidentally the same day that the Paris Peace Talks were signed! "People all over the world/Join hands..." indeed.

3/24/1949 - Happy Birthday to Nicholas Drain "Nick" Lowe, 68 years old today. Singer, songwriter, musician, producer, best known for having written "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding" (made famous by Elvis Costello) and here in the U.S. for his Top 40 hits "Cruel To Be Kind" and "I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock 'N' Roll)". Nick's made many excellent, critically acclaimed albums over the years (Rockpile's 1980 "Seconds Of Pleasure" is an absolutely perfect must-have), but its perhaps this quote from a February 2014 interview with the New York Daily News sums him up best: "I didn't want to become one of those thinning-haired, jowly old geezers who still does the same shtick they did when they were young, slim and beautiful". God Bless You, Nick Lowe.

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"So where are the strong?/And who are the trusted?...", xoxo!

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