Now yer gonna need two speakers! -- See Bruce, Duane and Gregg for less than five bucks! -- U2 imitate Beatles, police are called in...

(Courtesy of D. Pratt)

3/27/1958 (59 years ago today) - On the plus side, we'll ultimately get "Dark Side Of The Moon"...: CBS Records announces the invention of "stereophonic records"! This new format could be used on your current/ordinary mono players, but when used on the just-introduced-to-the-marketplace stereo players, consumers were promised that "a new rich and fuller sound would be heard". Headphones have yet to come along. Now there's your game-changer.

3/27/1971 (46 years ago today) -- He had just broken up his band Steel Mill, but was weeks away from forming Dr. Zoom & The Sonic Boom with long time pal Steven Van Zandt: Bruce Springsteen & Friendly Enemies were the opening act for the original classic line-up of The Allman Brothers Band at Asbury Park's Sunshine In -- Ticket cost? $4.00.

3/27/1987 (30 years ago today) - Thousands of fans and spectators overcrowd the downtown streets of L.A. to watch U2 perform on the roof of the Republic Liquor store while making the video for "Where The Streets Have No Name"; traffic is brought to a complete stand-still, and the police are (inevitably) brought in to put a halt to the proceedings. Great idea, of course...FYI -- the location, which still draws hundreds of tourists daily, is now a Mexican restaurant called Margarita's Place!

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