Two reasons why 1975 totally kicked butt, and then there's this one-hit wonder who must be held accountable!!!

Celebrity Memorabilia to be Auctioned Off
Autographed back cover of Led Zeppelin III album for Oct. 2005 auction. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

3/29/1975 (42 years ago today) - At the time, they were a trio: LaBelle went to No. 1 with the ridiculously infectious classic "Lady Marmalade", easily one of the decades Top 10 Best Singles -- You can't top "Giuchie, guichie, ya ya dada/Guichie, guichie, ya ya here" and especially "Voulez vous coucher avec moi se coir", back then those lines had everybody buzzin' non-stop. Just a great funky track, super tasty stuff...

3/29/1975 (42 years ago today) - You could say "Not since The Beatles...": Led Zeppelin had all six of their albums in the U.S. Top 100 at the same time, including the just-released double-epic "Physical Graffiti" sittin' at the No. 1 spot. Virtually unstoppable to put it mildly...

3/29/1946 - Happy 71st Birthday to Terry Jacks, responsible for the the 1974 No. 1 single "Seasons In The Sun". What should we give him today...?

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