Happy Birthday Eric Clapton!!!

Eric Clapton (far right) with Jack Bruce (left) and Ginger Baker; Cream, Aug. 1967. (Photo: George Stroud/Express/Getty Images)

So you want to play guitar? Here are five very solid reasons why you should stop trying...right now, courtesy of the one and only E.C.:

Eric's solo kicks in right around the 1:00 minute mark; turn it up and get the hell out of the way:

Oh, the poor bastard in charge of the camera work...The trio is making such a fantastic racket, it's a wonder it got filmed at all: 

1971, live on "The Johnny Cash Show". You don't need to know anything else:

There's some slightly different playing on this "out-take" footage from a show you think you already know too well, then Eric starts soloing...

For this one, I had to look up the definition of "sublime" to make sure I got it right: (a) {1}: to elevate or exalt especially in dignity or honor; {2}: to render finer (as in purity or excellence); (b) to convert into something of higher worth. That's what this is:

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Happy Birthday, E.C.!!!

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