Genuine '60's masterpiece barely makes a dent... -- The Beatles and toilet paper! -- An unbelievable run at the top of the chart for an act that isn't even speaking to each other anymore...

(Courtesy of Columbia Records)
(Courtesy of Columbia Records)

3/7/1966 (52 years ago today) - One of the best singles ever recorded, really, in any decade!: Tina Turner positively nails it with her vocal performance on "River Deep, Mountain High", produced by notorious nut-job Phil Spector -- The record still sounds absolutely astonishing today, yet (and quite ludicrously) it only managed to go as high as No. 88 on the chart. What the-----?

3/71967 (51 years ago today) - The Beatles are putting the final overdubs on a Paul McCartney song that's planned for their next album -- The finishing touches on "Lovely Rita" include laying down the harmony vocal parts and some high-tech special effects, most notably the sound of toilet paper being blown through a haircomb...

3/7/1970 (48 years ago today) - Simon & Garfunkel's instantaneous classic LP "Bridge Over Troubled Water" begins its ten week reign at Number One on the Billboard chart; ironically, the duo had officially broken up just before the albums release! Stone cold fact: records just don't get much better than this one, all pure magic and a definitive must-have for your collection. Seriously.

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