A genuine '60's masterpiece barely makes a dent... -- The Beatles 'n toilet paper! -- An unbelievable run at the top of the chart for an act that isn't even speaking to each other anymore...

Simon And Garfunkel
Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon, c 1966. (Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

3/7/1966 (53 years ago today) - One of the best singles ever recorded, in any decade!: Tina Turner positively nails it with her vocal performance on "River Deep, Mountain High", produced by the nefarious Phil Spector -- The single still sounds absolutely astonishing today, yet (quite ridiculously) it only manages to go as high as No. 88 on the chart. What the----?

3/7/1967 (52 years ago today) - The Beatles are putting the final overdubs on a Paul McCartney song that's planned for their next album: the finishing touches on "Lovely Rita" include the harmony vocal parts and some special effects, most notably the sound of toilet paper being blown through a haircomb! One of their most wondrous and dream-like tracks actually...

3/7/1970 (49 years ago today) - Simon & Garfunkel's instantaneously classic LP "Bridge Over Troubled Water" begins its ten week reign at Number One on the Billboard chart. Ironically, the duo had officially split up just before the albums release. The simple fact is, though, that most records don't get much convincingly better than this one, all pure magic and a definitive must-have! And while every song is truly fantastic, it's (maybe) "Baby Driver" here that steals the show:

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