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Bob Dylan "Blonde On Blonde" LP cover, May 1966. (Courtesy of Columbia Records)
Bob Dylan "Blonde On Blonde" LP cover, May 1966. (Courtesy of Columbia Records)

3/8/1966 (53 years ago today) - ...and this was just one song on an absolutely masterful double-album set: Bob Dylan records "Just Like A Woman" on this date for his epic "Blonde On Blonde" release at Columbia Recording Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. The city makes more than quite an impression on him as the world is soon to discover...

3/8/1968 (51 years ago today) - Here's where that incredible version of "Crossroads" came from: Cream play the first of two nights at San Francisco's Winterland Ballroom -- The shows are recorded with some of the performances earmarked for the forthcoming "Wheels Of Fire" two-LP set. At this point, it's as if Eric Clapton has been beamed in from another planet to teach us a thing or two (or three)...

3/8/1973 (46 years ago today) - Right up there with "My dog ate my homework...": Paul McCartney gets fined $170 when marijuana is found to be growing on his Scotland farm retreat -- Macca claims some fans gave him the seeds and he really didn't know what they would grow into! Good one, that!

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